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Our Company

In the year 2008 Arkadia Food International, S.L. was constituted forming part of ABM Holding, an important business group in the Region of Murcia, made up of more than 23 companies having extensive experience and leadership, and more than 30 years in the European Fruit and Vegetable Sector.

The company was created in order to produce and supply our customers, throughout the year, with fresh fruit and vegetables of excellent quality; safe, healthy and also sustainable at very competitive prices.

Responding to our desire for innovation and our respect for the environment, we are committed to investing in the introduction of new technologies which facilitate the placing on the market of products of the highest quality, with rigorously supervised packaging, and supplied on time to meet the requirements of our customers

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We offer quality assurance and delivery of all our products


Supplies scheduled "Throughout the Year"

Our main goal is to exceed the expectations and needs of our customers; an aspect of which we take very much care.

For this we have more than 3,000 hectares of our own production in the southeast of Spain, in an area known as the "Garden of Europe" and together with the backing of our farming partners, we supply products of quality and safety to the main chains of supermarkets and processors in Europe.

We also have 2,000 hectares of production in Egypt and Morocco.


The company has a team of professionals dedicated to intermediation and distribution of horticultural products in Spain and abroad.

Our work focuses on the satisfaction of the customer’s demands, and complying with the maximums of liability, warranty and competence.


We have vast experience in temperature-controlled logistics and offer a complete solution for logistics and distribution of all products.

Our fleet of high quality vehicles, and expansion within the European market, allows us to meet the logistic needs of our customers, with punctuality and efficiency and always at competitive prices.

Supply scheduled "throughout the year"

Our Products

To supply our customers we have our own production and also that of collaborators, the combination of which gives us more than 5,000 hectares. We, and the collaborators, share the same passion for producing crops with special care and respect for the environment and, in addition, guarantees us the programming and constant supply.

Quality and Traceability

One of our hallmarks of identity and commitment is the rigorous control of the quality of all our products, which is carried out in accordance with the requirements and mandatory regulations, subsequently, our exhaustive controls allow us to offer maximum guarantees.

We have for this purpose our own laboratory which ensures compliance with the rules of commercialization, including the analytical controls to which we subject all our products, highlighting physicochemical, organoleptic and microbiological controls, nutritional studies, and control labeled...

This complete Control System guarantees the good quality and the traceability of our products throughout the entire chain, from plantation in nurseries until their final state as a commodity.

Experience and leadership of more than 30 years in the European horticultural sector

Our Headquarters

The international presence of Arkadia Food has been organized to achieve efficiency in the distribution of its products in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

Currently the company has offices in Spain, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia, Morocco and Egypt, strategic areas that serve to achieve constant production and professionalized export.

One of our hallmarks and commitment is to control the quality of all our products

News and Communication

In this section, we pick up interesting news related to the Sector

Arkadia continue innovating

The growth of the company feels its foundations in having a comprehensive range of services with high reliability and dynamism.

The company of Murcia distributes horticultural products throughout the European Union.

Arkadia Food in Fruit Attraction

Our balance has been positive, it is always a great opportunity to share for a few days a work space, such as that in the Fruit Attraction, with our customers. In a more relaxed atmosphere where we can review underway projects or talk about new opportunities for the future, and all in a different and very practical environment, from a professional point of view of.

We inaugurated a new website

The effort was worthwhile; our new website is now available with a much more visual and friendly appearance and adapted to new technologies.

A completely renovated, modern, dynamic and functional website where you will find all the necessary information about our company and the products we sell.

A company in constant expansion


Come and work with us

We invite you to join our company. Arkadia is a multinational company with presence in many countries.
To provide the best service to our customers we have the best professionals and the best people. For us, the main important features that a worker should have is the capacity for teamwork, leadership and commitment. We are expanding and we would like to meet you. The most popular profiles are commercial and administrative with languages, especially Russian, Ukrainian, German, English and Chinese.

Upload your CV and you will enter in the next selection process: rrhh@arkadiafood.com

Passion for a crop cultivated with special care and respect for the environment

One of our hallmarks and commitment is to control the quality of all our products

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