Plum Tomatoe

Tomato is a fruit of a tomato plant, of American origin. Specifically, it is considered a native of Ecuador, Peru and Northern Chile. Its introduction into Europe took place in Mexico. At first, the acceptance of tomato in Europe was very limited because it was associated with some species of poisonous plants. As this idea was disappearing, tomato consumption began to increase until becoming very popular in the 18th century, a period which saw the emergence of tomato sauce. It was not until the 20th century when its cultivation spread worldwide.

At present, tomato is one of the most popular nourishment in Europe, partly due to its versatility and its ease to combine properly with a wide variety of nourishment and aromatic herbs.

There are nearly one hundred varieties of tomatoes that are classified according to their use, size and shape, all of them divided into tomatoes for cooking and tomatoes for salads.